New Dresser Redo, Before and After Pics!

I finished this project while ago but as you have noticed I have been majorly slacking as of late. I received this dresser, FREE, that's right FREE, from the same lady who gave me the one I did for the boy's room. Man, seriously my Parents have AMAZING neighbors!!!

I found this GORGEOUS dress, over on Design Sponge and I absolutely Fell in LOVE with the gorgeous vibrant color, and I figure, what the heck, it's free.

Alright, here are the before and After pictures, I'm warning you they aren't pretty by any means! Here is what the dresser as a whole looked like
And here are what the knobs looked like,

The knobs where in pretty good shape, so I did some research and found out, Hey, I can just spray pain them, I found a good brand, and they came you looking like this
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I actually REALLY liked the way they turned out, and it only cost me $3 for new knobs, you can't even buy 1 knob for that much!!! What a STEAL!!
Know for the complete finished project! I LOVE IT!!! With some art work and pieces that I found at good will it will be PERFECT! and for a grand total of.......$17.50. On this one I did splurge on the paint, because I had something very specific in mind.
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I am having thoughts of roughing up the edges like THIS, let me know what you think?