Don't you just LOVE Goodwill?

I've gotten some things over the past year and a half Goodwill, some needed a little work others needed A LOT.
Living with my in-laws for the past 1yr has been, well...it's had it's challenges. I think one of the main things I've missed the most about having my own place is having all of things in box's and not being able to decorate. We have two little room's at the end of the hall. No private/separate space for our family. So as a wife, I've REALLY missed being able to add my touches to things. Silly I know, but I think we take it for granted.
Enough of that, on to the good stuff!

The first item, I actually didn't get from Goodwill, I got it about 7yrs ago from a friend and it's just been sitting in our home with no good purpose.

I found this gorgeous home decor fabric at Joann's but it was $20 a yard. I only needed 1 yrd but I wasn't about to go there.
So the other week while looking through their ad's I found that the home decor fabric was %60 off I couldn't believe it! So I ran in and got a yrd for $8 SCORE!!

Here's the before

And the After: The tricky part about this was the entire outside, had to be all sewn by hand, yea it took awhile. But I just LOVE the results

Next: I found this beauty at good will for a whopping $4 it didn't need a whole lot of work, but the cork board had a water stain on it.

Luckily I had some extra fabric left over from the floor pillow and TaDa. Here she is!

Next Is this solid piece of work. I got this up in Bellingham while visiting my parents. The table was solid wood, but needed A LOT of work. I wish I would have gotten a better Before picture. It had thick white paint splattered on top, Names carved into it. But I thought, Heck it's wood, I can strip it and sand it down.

Then we started the stripping processes, or I should say Anthony did, I was planning on this being my project but since I'm now pregnant, He wouldn't let me, what a sweety! After 3 coats of this stuff, it still hadn't all come off. I thought, Crap! I may have bitten more then I could handle. But after an entire day of sanding I got it down to bare gorgeous wood! Success!!

Then Anthony put the stain on it! It looks GREAT!! I'm not done, I still have to paint the legs white. But it's getting there!

Another Amazing find at Goodwill was this little beauty, purchased for me from my parents. My Mom totally surprised me, and the greatest part was that it was %30 off and it matches the table Perfectly. I just hope we have room for it in our new place.

One last one, here is a cute little teapot I found, where? Where else? Goodwill, it's so adorable and it was only $3 I've always wanted a cute little teapot, but never wanted to spend much on one. I think I can spare $3.

Stay tuned for MORE projects, I have more!!!