Diaper Wipe Case

I wanted a super cute Diaper Wipe case to display but, again, didn't want to spend the money and knew I could make it even cuter and choose the way I wanted it to look. I recently found an article in the April 2009 Family Circle, that talked about the fabulous things you can do with Mod Podge. It showed examples of Mod Podge plates, chairs, vases, art work...etc. I figure why not a diaper wipe case.

So I went to a paper place, and picked out some paper I liked.
Then I measured out the length of the case cut it to it's perfect size.
First I Mod Podged the case, then I placed the paper over it and made sure all the air bubbles were out. I proceeded to cover the top of the paper with a 2 coats of Mod Podge, each time waiting for it to dry before replaying the next layer.
The final product!

Finishing Touches

On top of the dresser I found this shapely lamp at a garage sell for $2. It was a horrible hunter green, nothing a little spray paint couldn't fix. It also had no lamp shade, no problem, I could get one.

So again my plan is cheap and chic. I found some spray paint at Joannes on sell, I primed and spray painted it.
Now for the lamp shade, I asked around looked at thrift stores, and finally a wonderful women told me she had a gorgeous lamp shade I could have for free, Perfect! It worked great. I may re-do the shade with more color, Your thoughts?
The other things on top of the dresser are random nick nacks I picked up here and their all for under $5 total.

Thrifty but Chic

I recently re-did my boy's room. I wish I could paint, but being renters...well it sometimes just doesn't happen.

While visiting my parents I hit up a neighbors garage sell and they gave me this sturdy, solid wood dresser for free, needless to say it was lacking, a lot.

Here's the before picture

now to prep this baby,
I sanded everything front and back.
Cleaned everything from the inside out with bleach water.
I filled up some dings with puddy.
Covered the drawers with Some hefty wrapping paper, just to make sure everything was clean.
The dresser didn't have handles so I drilled holes were I wanted my knobs to go.

I wasn't sure what color I wanted to pain it, so off to Home depot, to get some ideas, I started looking around and then I remembered the reject paint, I found a beautiful cream color, for $1. If it didn't work out I could always repaint it. No problem.

Now for the knobs, I looked everywhere, trying to find the perfect knobs I wanted it to be fun, but not cutesy. I wanted to be able to replace them when the kids got older if I needed to, I also really didn't want to spend to much, I wanted to try and see how little I could spend.

While cleaning out my In-Laws, garage, We came across these huge beautiful colored beads, just the color I was looking for. I sanded them off a little bit and added a new coat of paint to them. I also found to plain round wooden balls to go on the two top smaller drawers.

After everything had dried I finished it off with the finishing pieces.

A new venture

I decided to start a new blog, on everything crafty! Things I do, things that inspire me, food that tastes amazing! and even exercising tips for those who hate to exercise and especially run, such as myself and have now come to love it. I hope to share many things with you and that we can all inspire each other. Give and get feed back! This is as much as a hobby than anything else, but I hope you will enjoy it!