Finishing Touches

On top of the dresser I found this shapely lamp at a garage sell for $2. It was a horrible hunter green, nothing a little spray paint couldn't fix. It also had no lamp shade, no problem, I could get one.

So again my plan is cheap and chic. I found some spray paint at Joannes on sell, I primed and spray painted it.
Now for the lamp shade, I asked around looked at thrift stores, and finally a wonderful women told me she had a gorgeous lamp shade I could have for free, Perfect! It worked great. I may re-do the shade with more color, Your thoughts?
The other things on top of the dresser are random nick nacks I picked up here and their all for under $5 total.


  1. I vote keep the lamp white- more versatile for future use that way in case you want to switch it to a different room or something.

  2. If you add color I say add a ribbon/fabric trim...easy to change if needed.