Thrifty but Chic

I recently re-did my boy's room. I wish I could paint, but being renters...well it sometimes just doesn't happen.

While visiting my parents I hit up a neighbors garage sell and they gave me this sturdy, solid wood dresser for free, needless to say it was lacking, a lot.

Here's the before picture

now to prep this baby,
I sanded everything front and back.
Cleaned everything from the inside out with bleach water.
I filled up some dings with puddy.
Covered the drawers with Some hefty wrapping paper, just to make sure everything was clean.
The dresser didn't have handles so I drilled holes were I wanted my knobs to go.

I wasn't sure what color I wanted to pain it, so off to Home depot, to get some ideas, I started looking around and then I remembered the reject paint, I found a beautiful cream color, for $1. If it didn't work out I could always repaint it. No problem.

Now for the knobs, I looked everywhere, trying to find the perfect knobs I wanted it to be fun, but not cutesy. I wanted to be able to replace them when the kids got older if I needed to, I also really didn't want to spend to much, I wanted to try and see how little I could spend.

While cleaning out my In-Laws, garage, We came across these huge beautiful colored beads, just the color I was looking for. I sanded them off a little bit and added a new coat of paint to them. I also found to plain round wooden balls to go on the two top smaller drawers.

After everything had dried I finished it off with the finishing pieces.

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  1. I've just been reading over this blog and you have done some amazing stuff! I really want to start refinishing old furniture. So cool! This dresser turned out so cute!